The more time I spend writing and recording my own music, the more I become fans of people who do the same thing. The following are a few artists I’ve come to know and really enjoy through the website:

Lisa Purdy, aka ledebutant
Lisa is a wonderful songwriter and has an amazing voice to boot. Plus, she’s a great friend. She’s done a number of collaborative projects, including The Orbiting in which she works with fellow MacJammer iluminati. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Lisa on a song we did for the MacJams Live Aid challenge a couple of years back.The song was Black Star and remains one of my favorite songs I’ve worked on to this date.

Mikki Nylund
Mikki was the first person on MacJams I got to know. He is not only a prolific musician, he’s a writer, an artist and a profoundly multi-talented human being. He currently has close to 200 songs posted on MJ and not one of them is a dud. His music ranges from pop to punk to Scandinavian inspired folk music. Dive in anywhere in the six years worth of music he has posted and you will find a gem.

R.T.Cooper or, simply, Coop
For solid, mean juke joint guitar, you just can’t beat Coop. His music always makes me think of a smokey, out of the way bar, just as everything is winding down and the house band is really getting into that final groove before they call it a night. Coop is also the co-founder, along with myself, of The Dixie Mason Band. The band has a nebulous line up, but Coop and I did a couple of numbers, It’s All Over Now and Neon and the Night which is another tune I’m very proud to have been a part of.

More to come


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