Posted by: jgurner | May 28, 2011

Review – The Hangover: Part II

Two things right off the cuff:

First – If you didn’t care for the original movie, you won’t like this one because…

Second – If you saw the first movie, then you’ve pretty much seen this one, only, it doesn’t matter, you will still be laughing your ass off all the way through.

Yes, another member of the “Wolf Pack,” as the group is called by Zach Galafen… Galofan… Galifianakis’ character Alan, is getting married. This time it’s mild-mannered dentist Stu – Ed Helms. Naturally his bride to be is from Thailand and of course he’s going to have his two best friends Phil and Doug – Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha – as part of the wedding. Stu’s idea of a bachelor party is brunch at iHop, but Phil has other ideas. But, as the wedding day approaches and the three head to Thailand, with Alan in tow because they feel sorry for him, it looks like it’s just going to be a boring old wedding against the exotic backdrop of the Orient.

I bet you can’t guess what happens next…

Whether you can or can’t it doesn’t matter. Hangover II still works. There’s some new blood, Ang Lee’s son Mason as Teddy, Stu’s 16-year-old future brother-in-law. And more returning characters – Ken Jeong back as Mr. Chow. And, of course Bangkok replaces Vegas. Even though it covers some familiar territory the frenetic nature of the story and the uncomfortableness of the humor keep it fresh. There are some surprises along the way and some of the really, really, wrong humor from the first movie is turned up a notch or two.

This is one of those movies I really can’t wait to see on DVD because I missed  a lot of the lines because the crowd, and me, was laughing so hard.

Todd Phillpis has managed to strike gold twice with the Hangover premise. You know The Hangover: Part III is coming. The question is can he do it again, or will it be as funny as a real hangover…


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