Posted by: jgurner | May 21, 2011

Review – Bridesmaids

All things being equal, I would never go see a movie titled “Bridesmaids.” It, at best, would have  been a movie I’d be forced to endure during one of those junk food and beer, chick flick-fueled post boyfriend breakup weekends I used to spend with a friend of mine (you know who you are…)

But, all things aren’t equal that I didn’t get dragged to see. It was a movie I WANTED to see.

On paper, Bridesmaids sounds like your typical chick flick. Annie (Kristen Wiig) is down on her luck. Her bakery went under a couple of years ago. She’s in a dead-end job she doesn’t want. She shares an apartment with a strange brother and sister and her romantic life consists of being a semi-regular booty call for a rich, good looking asshole. Then, her best friend from childhood, Lillian, gets engaged and Annie is the maid of honor. That’s where the fun begins.

Early on what piqued my interest in this movie was its Judd Aptow pedigree. He’s has a string a really great comedies over the past few years and I wondered if he could accomplish that without Seth Rogen. Plus, the first preview looked very promising. However, be warned, the trailers make it out to be a female version of The Hangover, but it’s not.

Bridesmaids is that rare beast. More rare than the love child of a unicorn and a white buffalo. It is an often hilarious, often raunchy film that blends the elements found in movies like The Hangover, Knocked Up and other recent comedies with those of a chick flick and even a little buddy movie sprinkled in.

The best review I’ve read of it so far was “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”

Casting helps make the movie as well. Wiig and Rudolph cut their teeth on Saturday Nigh Live and work well together. Also, interesting choices in some of the supporting cast make the movie fun. Namely Chris O’dowd as Rhodes, Annie’s inevitable love interest, and Matt Lucas and Rebel Wilson as the strange apartment mates. O’dowd is best know (by me, anyway) from the Brit-com The IT Crowd, wich is so funny I have literally hurt myself from laughing. Lucas has been in a ton of stuff, but my fav is Little Brittan, which is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

The show stealer, however, is Melissa McCarthy. She’s definitely the “one of these things is not like the other” of the group of bridesmaids and she definitely gets the biggest laughs of the entire movie.

Bridesmaids isn’t perfect. The pacing gets off in the middle a bit and it drags from time to time, it also gets a little bit too “sweet” and formulaic for my taste, but the chemistry of the cast, along with a really sharp script make up for it. Definitely a good “date” movie.


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