Posted by: jgurner | February 1, 2011

Bringing Down the Satellites – Update

Just over a month ago, we finally decided enough was enough and cut the satellite feed. No more satellite television. No cable TV. Not even an antenna to bring in local channels (not that it’s really a viable option.) After almost five weeks, honestly, I’m not missing it.

That’s not 100 percent true. There are times when I have trouble sleeping and the drone of The Science Channel helped me sleep. I miss that a bit. And I miss Family Guy. Of course, there are substitutes for both. Pop a DVD iin, I have plenty of “sleep-friendly” movies, and it often works. And I can always watch Family Guy over the Internets. But, I find I don’t.

I also anticipated an up tick in the number of DVDs we bought, but that hasn’t happened either, mainly because we’re saving our cash for our Chicago trip in a few weeks. But also, we’ve bought DVDs like crazy over the past year and have tons sitting on the shelves, some bought more than a year ago, we haven’t watched yet.

I can’t say we watch TV less. We watch a movie or episodes of a series every night and usually watch several movies over a weekend. But, the TV isn’t on as much as it used to be. When we had Dish, and before that DirecTV, we’d walk in the house and the TV would come on. Usually The Food Network or The Science Channel would serve as background noise and, often, suck us in for brief periods to keep us from doing anything else.

It does give us a chance to do other things. Read more. Do stuff on the computer. Anita brushes up on her programming skills. I work on music a bit more. But, truth be told, I also play games on Facebook more and play video games in general a bit more, but that’s okay.

It’s only the first month, but it’s also nice not spending that 80-plus dollars a month, that constantly crept up form the 50-something it started at two years ago without adding anything.

This may not last. I enjoy watching TV. We both do. But even if, in a few months, we give in and decide to hook back up to something, this will prove an important point in doing without. We’ll see how it goes, especially when shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 start up again this summer.



  1. I just “cut” our cable the other day. It’s all over-the-air-HD, Apple TV, and DVDs for us for the forseeable future.

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