Posted by: jgurner | April 1, 2010

More Geeky Goodness

For those of you who love the movie Tron – and who out there doesn’t – one fan has taken it upon himself to improve upon the original 1982 trailer. The new trailer is slick, modern and very cool. Plus, the clips from it actually look better than my DVD.

As cool as it is, however, and as lame as the original trailer looks now 28 years later (YIKES!), it still doesn’t match the thrill I remember of the first time I saw the trailer back when I was 11 or 12. Especially when it got tot he lightcycle clips. Wow! Definitely the coolest thing since the original Star Wars!

BTW, hopefully, with Tron: Legacy coming in December, we’ll see a Tron Blu-Ray sometime soon.

If you never saw the original trailer and want to do a compare and contrast, here ya go:


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