Posted by: jgurner | April 1, 2010

Giant Robots Fighting Each Other


As if the news that a new Godzilla movie in the works weren’t cool, or frightening, enough, now comes word from Ain’t It Cool News that a film is in the works based on yet another cool childhood toy – Shogun Warriors.

While I never had any of the giant Shogun Warriors, other than Godzilla, I had a number of the smaller ones. They spent plenty of time doing battle with and against various factions of Star Wars figures, Micronauts, Metal Men (anyone else remember them?), and various other miscellaneous action figures from The Black Hole, Battlestar Galactica and, of course, Mork (complete with egg spaceship.)

While this may seem to some as just another Transformers-type movie, you have to remember an important distinction: The Transformers were living robots while the Shogun Warriors were giant robotic armor with a person inside actually controlling them. Plus, while the first Transformers movie was pretty cool (haven’t seen the second one yet), they were a little beyond my childhood, while Shogun Warriors were smack dab in the middle of it.

And, of course, for those who know me, this movie should meet one of my basic requirements for a really cool movie – giant robots fighting each other. Okay, maybe you can split the Transformer/Shogun Warriors technical hairs mentioned above, but I still be it will be much cooler than Robot Jox could ever dream of being. AICN has a teaser trailer along with the article and it looks pretty cool.

The movie is currently titled Giaking and will, I’m assuming, focus on that particular Shogun Warrior, but we can only hope that some of the others will be a part of it.

And wouldn’t it be cool if both this film and the new Godzilla were amazingly successful and, at some point in the future, Big G and the giant metal guys could go after one anther.

One can only hope.


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